Brough Family Organization

2017 Reunion of
Brough Family & Brough Motorcycles

August 2017

The new Brough Superior Motorcycle

Reunion of Brough Family and Brough Motorcycles, August 2017     
    In August 2017, members of the Brough Family Organization and officers and riders of Brough Superior Motorcycles (BSM) Ltd., are planning on meeting again at the Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway in western Utah for a brief reunion to celebrate Brough family history and world-class motorcycle racing. Both groups previously met in 2013.
     Further specifics about this upcoming Brough Reunion will be posted on this webpage as they become available. Also, interested individuals can check out the BSM website for further details, as well as the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials and AMA Land Speed Grand Championship website.

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