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RBFO News Release, August 10, 2005

Brough Reunion Focuses on Faith and Families

     One of the world's largest ancestral family organizations recently held an international reunion in Utah that emphasized the importance of faith and families. Over 200 descendants of Richard Brough--who joined the LDS Church in 1840 in Staffordshire, England, and whose descendants and relatives live in England, Australia and the United States--attended the two-day reunion on August 5-6 in northern Utah.
     The non-profit Richard Brough Family Organization (RBFO) sponsored the reunion, during which many family members visited historic Brough sites in Porterville and Randolph, Utah, and attended a large multi-media family history meeting in Kaysville, Utah, where they viewed extensive genealogical and historical displays covering 1,000 years of Brough history. Following the meeting, family books, CD's, maps, wall charts and other items were made available to everyone.
      Elder Monte J. Brough of the First Quorum of Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the keynote speaker at the family history meeting, held in the LDS Layton Creekside State Center. He said, "Quoting Joseph Smith, 'If there be no resurrection from the dead, then Christ has not risen; and if Christ has not risen He was not the Son of God; and if He was not the Son of God, there is not nor cannot be a Son of God….' Therefore, this work is real and is of incredible importance." Also, Luke B. Howard, formerly of New South Wales, Australia, but who now teaches at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, stated, "The sociality we enjoy among 'Brough family,' wherever we may find ourselves, closes the gaps of geography, age, nationality and culture, and reminds us how richly our lives are blessed through this common heritage." And Kent L. Brough, RBFO President Emeritus, mentioned, "In most cases, the beliefs we now have and the freedoms we enjoy today are largely a result of the efforts and sacrifices of our ancestors. By better understanding their lives we can more fully appreciate what we now have and enjoy."
     By all accounts the reunion was a tremendous success. "People enjoyed meeting family relatives from different places and walks of life," said R. Clayton Brough, RBFO President. "In our increasingly fast-paced world it's important that families understand their heritage and stay connected with one other." Also, Mark E. Gardner, a British genealogist with the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, attended the reunion and remarked, "Everyone was welcoming and friendly, and there were smiles and good stories everywhere."
     The next Brough Reunion will be held in August 2010. For more information about this ancestral family organization and its genealogical and family history projects, visit: .

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