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BFO Research Projects and Policies

Current Research Projects:

If you're interested in supporting current BFO genealogical research, please consider contributing financially to the BFO which is currently supporting research in the following two areas:

1.)    Continue research on the ancestors and descendants of the Broughs of the British Isles, with particular emphasis on the lineages already outlined in the Brough Histories and Brough Genealogies portions of this website.
2)     Support the Samuel Richard Brough Extraction Project for Staffordshire, England, 1837-1925, using a unique research system known as the Surname Index and Relationship Project (SIRP).
3.)    Further document and identify the descendants of Richard Brough and Mary Horleston of Staffordshire, England.

These three research projects sometimes requires hiring professional genealogists to review records in the British Isles, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere that are not available to family members in the United States, as well as the need to purchase documents not available through the L.D.S. Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

The BFO Board of Trustees and Executive Officers encourages every BFO related parent or grandparent organization to try and raise $100 or more than can be donated annually toward such research projects.  Of course all financial donations--large or small--are always welcomed and greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible in the United States.  As always, please send your donations by check to:  BFO Secretary, Janene Brough Wood, 115 East 800 North, Bountiful, Utah, 84010, USA.

International Brough DNA Genealogy Project:

In 2008, the BFO began the International Brough DNA Genealogy Project. The BFO did so because it was felt that this DNA project could further cement Brough family genealogies and provide another research tool for people who wondered if they belonged to or were connected to the Broughs of northern Staffordshire, England. It was also felt that DNA testing could possibly help the BFO narrow down research requests from different parts of the world by allowing the comparison of DNA's from BFO members to those of other people requesting BFO assistance with their research. Today, people can obtain DNA tests and analysis from several different companies--such as Ancestry DNA.

Genealogical Policies of the BFO Research Committee

BFO Policy on Providing Genealogical Data on Brough Ancestors and Descendants
Policy Adopted by the BFO Research Committee on 1 June 2009

     The BFO Research Committee will provide selected GEDCOM files to BFO members who request genealogical information on the deceased ancestors of any Brough individual listed in its online "Genealogies" section. However, the BFO charges a set fee of $20.00 to produce any such GEDCOM file to cover the cost of partitioning, reviewing, producing and shipping such a file (which is usually sent via email or on a Data CD).
     The BFO Research Committee will also provide selected GEDCOM files to BFO members who request genealogical information on their own direct-line ancestors or their own living descendants. Again, the BFO charges a set fee of $20.00 to produce any such GEDCOM file to help cover the cost of partitioning, reviewing, producing and shipping a file (which is usually sent via email or on a Data CD).

BFO Policy on Publicizing or Publishing the Names of Living Individuals
Policy Adopted by the BFO Research Committee on 4 May 2013

     The BFO Research Committee does not print or publish specific genealogical information (such as the dates and places of births and marriages) on living individuals. However, BFO Members who are adults (21 years of age or older) may authorize the BFO Research Committee to publish their full names in BFO publications. Such authorization must be individually submitted in print to the BFO either by letter or email. (The BFO has posted online its Authorization Form for Publication of Name.)
     The BFO Research Committee does "mine" genealogical information on Brough-related living individuals from public sources and documents--such as from published obituaries and online government records. This is done to document descending relationships and verify ancestral connections. However, this type of information on living individuals is for research purposes only and is not posted online.

BFO Policy on Submitting Genealogical Information to FamilySearch Tree (FST)
Policy Adopted by the BFO Research Committee on 24 January 2015

     The BFO Research Committee has found the FamilySearch Tree (FST) genealogical database of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormon Church) to be a useful tool to "search and see" what others have already submitted to the LDS Church through earlier programs--such as genealogical information originally submitted to the LDS Patron Submission File, LDS Extraction Program, LDS International Genealogy Index (IGI), LDS Ancestral File (AF), LDS Pedigree Resource File (PRF), and LDS New FamilySearch (NFS). Members of the LDS Church can see, add and correct information they have submitted to FST.
     Also, the BFO Research Committee has upload onto FST a number of photos and histories of well-known Brough pioneers and ancestors, and has modified some of their genealogical data to bring their information into conformity with the latest BFO genealogical research on these individuals.
     However, the BFO Research Committee does not usually spend its time correcting the numerous errors or mistakes that other individuals or organizations have already submitted to FST, because such corrections could be changed by other individuals at any time. Instead, when the BFO wishes to submit new genealogical information on individuals or families to FST it uses Ancestral Quest software to carefully submit such data which usually contains accompanying research notes and/or sources.
     Today, the BFO Research Committee uses Ancestral Quest--which is "FamilySearch Share Certified"--as its official genealogical software program.
     Finally, the BFO Research Committee regularly updates extensive genealogical information in its own Genealogies website section, and periodically uploads similar information to its own family files within (over which the BFO has sole control).

You can help with Brough Family History by doing the following:

1) Submit genealogical information on your family and descendants to the BFO.
           Remember: the BFO keeps information on "living" individuals confidential.
2) Add information, photos and histories about your Brough ancestors to FamilySearch Tree.
3) Clean-up and merge "duplicate" ancestors and relatives on FamilySearch Tree.
4) Financially contribute to the BFO and its many global research projects.

FamilySearch Tree Problems and Solutions

This BFO webpage identifies present problems and solutions related to FamilySearch Tree.

BFO International Headquarters
115 East 800 North, Bountiful, Utah, 84010, USA.