Brough Family Organization

History of
Emily May Brough (1907-1978)
and Myron Frederick Holbrook

Quoted from the 1980 RBFO book:
Samuel Richard Brough, 1857-1947: His History, Ancestors & Descendants
Originally given as a funeral eulogy by Samuel Richard Holbrook on April 29, 1978

Emily May Brough was born in Lyman Wyoming on May 5, 1907, the youngest child of Samuel Richard Brough and Eliza Ann Carter. She had the privilege of being a daughter of one of the last to those special Latter-day Saint families to participate in polygamy.

The family of eighteen wonderful children, nine in each of two households, grew up in a family farm environment where each learned the value of good, honest labor and where they learned to create their own entertainment. They were also taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ by loving parents since their father served as bishop of Lyman for over 25 years.

The family moved to Bountiful, Utah in 1921, when Emily was 13 years old. They bought the farm of Enoch A. Holbrook, located on Ninth North and Main Street. Little did Emily know at that time that she would become a member of that Holbrook family just eight years later.

She completed her education in the Davis County Schools, following which she took voice training at the McCune School of Music in Salt Lake City. She also began what was to become a wonderful career with Mountain Bell Telephone Company.

Emily was always active in her church and rendered a continuous service from her childhood. It was through this service that she met, and eventually married, her wonderful mate. They became acquainted while participating in a three-act play at Mutual in the Bountiful 1st Ward. It was love at first sight, and she married Myron F. Holbrook on October 21, 1929, in the Salt Lake City L.D.S. Temple.

Their first child, Lois Mae, was born on their wedding anniversary day just one year later. Soon to follow was a son, Samuel Richard, and then another daughter, Elaine. Eleven long years passed before another daughter, Helen, was born.

During this time of having a family, Emily was active in many church positions. She especially loved the time she spent as Relief Society President and also her work in Junior Sunday School as coordinator and later as chorister.

Emily was blessed with a beautiful soprano voice and her brother Hyrum with a strong tenor voice. They were to share these beautifully matched voices with others for over forty years at church and civic functions and at funeral services everywhere. An excerpt taken from one of the many "thank you" notes sent to them is typical of what was expressed on many occasions:

"We appreciate the talents which God has given you and your willingness to share those talents with us. What perfect harmony! It was like the angels singing to soothe and comfort me. May He who gave your talents preserve them through the years that you may raise your voices in song to those bowed down in tears."

Emily was always an early riser and because of this she accomplished much each day. She made every move count, as was evidenced by her ability to pick twice as many berries as anyone else in the berry patch. She was a fast walker. Her short legs have caused many to almost jog to keep up with her. As a mother and homemaker she had many talents. She had the ability to make each meal a banquet with nothing more than a loaf of homemade bread and a quart of home-canned fruit. She could stretch money further, can fruit faster, straighten up a home quicker, take more calls as an operator, and find time to express love to everyone she met.

She especially loved flowers, her children and grandchildren, her beloved sister Eveline, the Jassamine Literary Club, the Telephone Pioneers, her husband, and the Lord, and doing things for others.

She despised diets, being called "Granny", "gossip", and anything else that wasn't good and uplifting.

Emily had great faith and believed very deeply in the power of prayer. She always had time to give a listening ear, whether it be husband, children, grandchildren or friends.

She is survived by her loving husband, her children, 15 grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, brothers Hyrum and Lester, and half-sisters Laura and Netti. She also claims as survivors her beloved sister Eveline's three daughters, Marilyn, Gwen, and Carrie, and sister Viola's daughter Winona and son Lloyd.

If we were to find one word to describe Emily, it would be LOVE. May that love which she gave to each of us continue to be a part of our lives and may we share it with others as she was so inclined to do.

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