Brough Family Organization

History of
Chester Lester Brough (1904-1986)
and Dora Alexandria Roth

Quoted from the 1980 RBFO book:
Samuel Richard Brough, 1857-1947: His History, Ancestors & Descendants

Charles Lester Brough was born November 16, 1904 in Lyman, Wyoming, the twelfth and youngest son of Samuel Richard Brough and the eighth child of his plural marriage to Ann Eliza Carter. For just a little over the first eleven years of Lester's life, his father was bishop of the Lyman Ward, so his early life was definitely affected for good by the closeness that this family had with the church in this farming area.

In the fall of the year 1907 when Lester was three years old, he was taken very sick, and after several days the doctor was finally able to come and examine him. His illness was diagnosed as a typical case of typhoid fever. His father asked the doctor if it could be checked or broken up some way, but he was informed by the doctor that it would have to run its normal course, which amounted to some seven weeks. The doctor then left, leaving some medication, and said he would return the following day to check on him. Both Lester's father and mother were very concerned and felt that he was in a very serious condition.
His father was impressed to call upon their Heavenly Father in humble and earnest prayer. All of the children were called together around the sick bed. His father, mother and each one of the children took their turns praying to the Lord to destroy the disease and spare the life of this special son and brother. The Spirit of the Lord was with them and heard their humble prayers. Lester rested well all night and in the morning was much better. His fever was gone and his body was returned to normal.

The doctor came to check on Lester that morning and could not believe what he found. He even used a new thermometer thinking that his old one was broken. but there still was no sign of the fever and nothing to indicate that he had been so ill. The doctor told the family that he had never experienced this type of recovery before, but all of the family knew and were grateful that the Lord had heard and answered their prayers in Lester's behalf.

Lester was very active in the church, and during his Aaronic Priesthood years held almost every leadership position in each of his quorums. In 1920 when his family moved to Bountiful,Utah, he went with them and helped his father and brothers in the truck garden while finishing his schooling.

Lester became quite an accomplished carpenter and was known for the quality work that he did. Many homes in the Salt Lake area bear the result of his quality craftsmanship. During part of his working life he worked with his brother Horace who was also an outstanding carpenter.

On April 8, 1926 Charles Lester Brough married Dora Alexandria Roth in the Salt Lake Temple. They made their home in Salt Lake City, Utah. On February 7, 1927, a very precious little girl was born to them. This was to be their only child, and they gave her the name of Dorothy.

Lester and Dora, at the time this history was compiled, have five grandchildren and six great grandchildren. They have lived at their present home, 1176 Westminster Avenue, for over 35 years. During this time Lester served as a bishop's counselor to two different bishops, totaling some 12 years. He then served on the Stake High Council for three years. Shortly thereafter he was made bishop of the Sugarhouse Ward and served in this capacity for almost six years. He has been group leader of his High Priests' group and has continued his great service in the church without interruption up to this present time. At the age of 75 he is still working as a carpenter and intends to continue in this line of work.

How great an example he has been to his family and especially to those who have known him. He has followed his father's great example and left his great mark on this area, not only as a master craftsman, but also as a leader among men. Lester is one of the two remaining living sons of Samuel Richard Brough.

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