Brough Family Organization

Brough's of England who were
Mormon Pioneers between 1847-1869

     The following individuals were descendants of various Brough families in England who joined the LDS and were Mormon Pioneers between 1847-1869.
     Genealogical and historical information on these individuals can be found in the BFO Global Database, FamilySearch Tree database, and/or the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database.

Derbyshire Brough's

(Mother was Sarah Brough whose ancestry goes back to Derbyshire)
Hannah Bocock Law (1831-1893), born: Balderton, Nottinghamshire; FST#KWJW-BPG
Elizabeth Bocock (1837-1916), born: Tinsley, Rotherham, Yorkshire; FST#KWN5-DLB
Emma Bocock (1843-1873), born: Sheffield, Yorkshire; FST#KWN2-X22

Durham Brough's

John Brough (1831-1915), born in Hawthorn, Durham; FST#KWJ7-FCJ
     Edward Brough (1854-1928), born: Bradford, Yorkshire; FST#LWNW-TFG
     Jane Elizabeth Brough (1855-1901), born: Bradford, Yorkshire; FST#LL9J-5N8
     Frederick Brough (1863-1931), born: Bradford, Yorkshire; FST#L7NN-SCX

Lincolnshire Brough's

Harriet Brough Snarr (1820-1901), born: Horncastle, Lincolnshire; FST#K2W3-JHV
     Mary Ann Snarr (1845-1869), born: Horncastle, Lincolnshire; FST#KWJW-PXH
     Thomas Sonley Snarr (1849-1911), born: London, Middlesex; FST#KWJZ-V38
     Barton Snarr (1851-1929), born: Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire; FST#KWc6-NKZ
     James Henry Snarr (1854-1933), born: Green River, Sweetwater, Wyoming, USA; FST#K2MQ-VV8

John Brough (1827-1909), born: West Ashby, Lincolnshire; FST#KWJW-PQN
     Thomas Brough (1853-1939), born: Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire; FST#K2QF-SND

Staffordshire Brough's

Thomas Brough (1832-1882), born: Longton, Staffordshire; FST#KWV7-DS2
     Martha Jane Brough (1653-1917), born: Longton, Staffordshire; FST#KWC2-FXN
     William George Brough (1855-1904), born: Longton, Staffordshire; FST#KWC3-GH8
     Samuel Richard Brough (1857-1947), born: Bethalto, Madison, Illinois, USA ; FST#KWC3-GH8
     Adria Elizabeth Brough (1859-1943), born: Bethalto, Madison, Illinois, USA; FST#KWJD-KV5
     Mary Ann Brough (1862-1931), born: Bethalto, Madison, Illinois, USA; FST#KWZ9-GWZ
     Emily Ellen Brough (1864-1946), born: Bethalto, Madison, Illinois, USA; FST#KWVQ-WY9

Elizabeth Brough Cartlidge/Tipton (1834-1896), born: Longton, Staffordshire; FST#KWJ8-XT8
     Josephine Cartlidge (1860-1932), born: Bethalto, Madison Illinois, USA; FST#K2MW-7BL

Samuel Brough (1839-1911), born: Longton, Staffordshire; FST#KWJ8-272
     Mary Elizabeth Brough (1858-1939), born: Trenton, Staffordshire; FST#KWZL-7BR
     Jane Brough (1860-1927), born: Trentham, Staffordshire; FST#KWZZ-T84
     Samuel Brough (1861-1863), born: Trentham, Staffordshire; FST#KWJY-Q8K
     Eliza Brough (1863-1865), born: Trentham, Staffordshire; FST#KWJY-Q85

Hannah Brough Vawdrey (1820-1887), born: Newcastle U.L., Staffordshire; FST#KWV2-RGT
     Hannah Vawdrey (1856-1917), born: Sandbach, Cheshire; FST#KWV2-TV1
     Thomas Vawdrey Jr. (1857-1911), born: Sandback, Cheshire; FST#KWNY-XWB
     Nephi Vawdrey (1858-1920), born: Sandback, Cheshire; FST#KWDM-VC7
     Sarah Vawdrey (1859-1927), born: Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA; FST#KWV2-TP6

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